Pulau Ketam – The Fishing Village (Part 2)

10 Feb

there is a fried ice-cream stall in Pulau Ketam..

there are four flavours to choose..

the ice-cream was pre-wrapped within the flour..

and fried in the hot oil..

the fried ice-cream is ready once the flour turned into golden-brown colour..

the vanilla flavour..

fabulous..  the outer layer is hot, whereas the ice-cream inside is icy-cold..  the outer layer taste like doughnut..  :)

i want more..!!  satu mana cukup..  nak dua..!!”  :p

the chocolate flavour..  ^_^

the yam flavour..

there are a number of restaurants here in Pulau Ketam..  and i think this one is good..  :)

the Wantan Mee..  very tasty..  one of the best i have tried..  :)

Konlou Lou Si Fan (rice noodle with soy sauce )..  delicious..

Chaw Mian Geng (fried tapioca noodle)..  this is the first time i try this..  yummy..  :p

Lor Mee  (thick yellow noodle with starchy gravy)..  nice..  :)

the Nasi Lemak stall..

(Nasi Lemak = a famous local dish contains coconut rice, sambal, fried anchovies, fried peanuts, sliced cucumber and hard-boiled egg)

it looks simple..  but the sambal is superb..

(sambal = a local spicy sauce, sometimes in paste form, which made of shrimp paste, chili pepper, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion and lime juice)

the Hou Cian (fried oyster) and Lala Cian (fried clam) are also famous here..

(lala = a type of local clam)

on the left frying the lala, and on the right frying the oyster..  ^_^

main ingredients include flour, egg, bean sprouts and lala (or oyster)..

the Lala Cian..  can’t find the lala..??

yup, here they are..  :p

tasty and yummy..

the Hou Cian..

the oyster..

yummy and juicy..  :)

don’t forget to try these if you come to Pulau Ketam k..  :)

Pulau Ketam – The Fishing Village (Part 1)

25 Jan

finally i’m here at Pulau Ketam..  the trip that i’ve dreamed and planned for so long..  ^_^

the building at the back is the hotel where i stay..

Pulau Ketam literally means island of crabs..

just next to the ferry jetty, you can see this..

spot diagnosis..??  can’t get it..??

ok, let’s zoom in..

it’s a crab..

and all these are crabs..  :p


this is a small island located off the coast of Klang..

one of the attractions here is the “floating houses”..

these houses are built on long wooden stilts..  suspended about 1 to 10 metre above the sea level..

majority of the residents here are Chinese..

inside the village, the only transportation is bicycle..  ^_^

some of the houses here are connected with the cemented road.. all these structures are “floated” from the ground/swamp..  :)

sunrise..  the view from my hotel room..

starts working in the early morning..

the Couple Bridge..

the panoramic view from the Couple Bridge..

the view at River of Bagan Teochew..

the colourful houses..

fishery is an important industry on this island..

and the main source of income here..

the fishing boats..

students playing basketball..

there are few schools in this village..

a kindergarten..

another kindergarten..

ha..  the clinic is floating as well..  :)

the voluntary fire station..

the police station..

the only bank on this island..

the Islamic Community Hall..

the Christian Center..

the Chinese Temple..

part of the temple..

another Chinese Temple with the mountain gate..

another Chinese Temple built on the sea..

the pavilion..

there is a herb garden inside the village..

the firecracker flowers..

at the morning market..

the bamboo clams..  this is called “tek tan” in Hokkien..

yummy bamboo clams with curry..

a large fish..

the fish head is as big as a palm..


cleaning the shrimps..

the mantis shrimps..  well-known as “lai liu har” in Cantonese..  which means pissing shrimps, because they excrete some sort of liquid out of their tail when picked up..  not really pissing k..  :p

after cooking, their flesh is closer to that of lobsters than that of shrimps..

the making of dried shrimps..

sunbathing..  :p

the shrimps under the sun..

meet this puppy inside the village..

good boy..

heee..  saya ada dua gigi..



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