Haw Par Villa – Singapore

1 Jun

there is a special theme park in Singapore.. the Haw Par Villa..

the park was initially built by two brothers (Haw and Par) in 1937..

Haw means tiger..

Par means leopard..

there are a lot of creative statues inside the park..

the Sumo wrestlers..

do you know what are the boxes on the table..?

there are the Tiger Balm products.. πŸ™‚

the park was formerly known as the Tiger Balm Garden.. Haw and Par brothers were actually came from the family who created the Tiger Balm.. πŸ™‚

the owls..

the fighting bulls..

the deer..

farmers at works..

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.. and Gautama Buddha..

the Confucius..

the Laughing Buddha..

the Fu Lu Shou (Gods representing blessings, prosperity and longevity)..

the fight between Sun Wu Kun (Monkey King)Β and Ne Zha..

history of the “Three Kingdoms” ( δΈ‰ ε›½ ζΌ” δΉ‰ )..

Jiang Zi Ya, a character in the fairy tale “Feng Shen Bang” (Saga of the Immortal) ( 封 η₯ž 榜 )..

huge crab..

but before eating crab, please think twice..

and, before eating clam, please think thrice..

the mermaids..

street performers in the olden days..

one of the attractive sites in the park is the Hell’s Museum..

after this, viewer discretion is advised..

the entrance of hell..

facing judgement after death..

punishment for bad bad peoples after death..


pulling out internal organs..

burning on heat pole..


are you scared?

moral of the story is.. please do good, do good and do good when still alive.. πŸ™‚

this is the visiting hours.. and entrance is free.. πŸ™‚

the park is just located next to the Haw Par Vila MRT Station.. πŸ™‚

okay, don’t say i bojio ya.. :p

Sarawak Cultural Village

1 May

Sarawak Cultural Village is situated at Damai Beach.. it is one of the tourists attractive places in Sarawak..

inside the cultural village, there are replicas of the traditional houses of Bidayuh, Iban, Melanau, Orang Ulu, Penan, Malay and local Chinese communities..

this is the rumah baruk of Bidayuh community (also known as “Land Dayak“).. the house where the heroes gathered and also for ritual performance..

the Gong (music instrument) inside the house..

did you notice the staircase outside the house?

it is made of timber.. and it is steep..

and this is how it looks like when you step down..

this is the bamboo bridge..

the longhouse of Iban community..

the tanju (open space) inside the longhouse, this is the place where the residents will have their meals and music and dancing activities..

with sweet Iban girls..

an Iban lady is demonstrating the cooking of traditional snack..

the tall traditional house of Melanau community..

the bamboo floor inside the house..

seeing out from the window..

the traditional house of Orang Ulu..

beautiful art works..

dance performance by a group of Orang Ulu girls..

cultural performance inside the auditorium of the cultural village..

very entertaining..

the warrior dance..

a passport will be given when you enter the cultural village..

and you can have it stamped on the relevant pages when you visit the different traditional houses..

a cat statue made of Gong..

okay, don’t say i bojio ya.. :p

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