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Lonely Birthday 2010

25 Aug

today i turn 36.. ermmm, getting older liao..

for most of my friends at the same age with me, some are married with kids.. some are married, divorced, and remarried.. some are having new girlfriends every week although have married with kids.. some are getting new cars every year.. some appears on magazines and TV all the time.. some keep opening new accounts in various banks.. some are keep asking me “when are you going to get married..??” ermmm, obviously, this is a tricky question and yet a questionable question.. tiada awek macam mana nak kahwin..?? :p

for the past 35 years i have gone through all my lonely birthday.. this year also no exception.. 😥

for my 36th birthday today.. no icing cake.. no candles.. no birthday cards.. no birthday party.. no birthday song.. no birthday wishes from others.. no birthday surprise (ermmm, for example, a pretty girl with rabbit ears jumps up from a big present box.. :p).. sadly i have to google to get this birthday cake picture to console myself..

yeah, happy birthday simon..!! 🙂

ermmm, syok sendiri je.. :p

let’s see, what do i have at the age of 36..?? a Honda kapcai motorbike, a bank account book which the figures never get increase, huge debt for my previous study loan, 2 bachelor degrees, 1 master degree, and 1 ongoing clinical master degree.. but currently i am still a poor doctor spending most of my time in the hospital looking after the patients.. kocek kosong, macam mana nak kahwin..??

for the past 35 years i had made the same wishes.. but none of them come true.. i still bungkus nasi and eat alone inside my little room.. nobody to share my egg-tarts with.. lie on my own shoulder when i am tired.. sing beautiful songs to the cats, and share my popcorn with a stranger sitting beside me in the cinema.. 😥

no matter how, for this year, i am going to make the same wishes again, holding tight my dreams in my heart, patiently awaiting for the presence of “her” into my life..  :p


Jom Golok

12 Aug

emmh..  this was my first visit to Golok..  a short but memorable trip on 7 August 2010..  🙂

Golok is situated in the Southern Thailand..  nearby the border of Thailand and Penisular Malaysia..

majority of the residents here are Muslims..

Golok is a small town..  and the peoples here are very friendly..

a lot of motorcyclists here..

and there is a lot of young motorcyclists as well..

emmh..  really hope that i can ride my kapcai here with Rita Rudaini..  :p

this is part of the market in Golok..  selling local fruits and vegetables..  and the road is so clean..

food stalls along the road..

it is common to see cows on the road in the rural area in Malaysia..  but here in Golok you will see horse on the road..  huhu..

a Buddhist temple..

a Taoist temple..

emmh..  should have played kites here with Rita Rudaini..  :p

the Golok river..  separating the Rantau Panjang (Kelantan) and Golok town..

crossing the Golok river..

found a baby goat nearby the Golok river..  it looks so sleepy..

zzzZZZZZ..  :p


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