Kelantan Macam Macam Ada

8 Oct

it is good to explore the Kelantanese culture..  the best way to learn their culture is first to get to familiarize with their local food..  huhu..

most of the food stalls here, they are selling ready-packed food..  one of the common ready-packed food is Nasi Dagang..  i have no idea at all what nasi is that..  Kelantanese call it “Nasi Dagae“..  basically the Malay word “dagang” means “trade” or “business”..  emm, so what is “Trade Rice” or “Business Rice“..??  for businessman only..??  due to curiosity, i just went to a stall nearby my hospital and bought one..

ta ta ta..  this is the Nasi Dagang..

it just looks so simple..  looks like brownish rice but taste like glutinous rice..  looks like ikan tenggiri but taste like ikan sardin..  looks like fish cake but taste like telur putih..  (it is actually a quarter of egg white without the yolk..  where is the yolk huh..??)..

emm..  i m not sure if this is the real and original Nasi Dagang..??  i think i have to keep walking and searching for the “Business Rice” available in Kelantan to make comparisons liao..  :p

now..  let’s try another food..  emm, i m not sure what is this food call..  but it is just really attracting me..

the colourful rice..  nasi warna-warni..??  it is not from any restaurant, but from my own hospital cafe..  :p  sure the patients will become cheerful after eating this nasi warna-warni.. 🙂

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