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A Letter To Atuk Santa

25 Dec

i luv Christmas Day.. although i’m not a Christian..

i luv the Christmas atmosphere.. the Christmas songs.. the Christmas trees.. the Christmas meal.. the Snowman with the carrot nose.. and of course, the Uncle Santa and his reindeer.. 🙂

i have been hanging up my stockings on the wall every Christmas eve since i was a child.. from Bata, Power, Adidas, until now POLO stockings.. but Uncle Santa has never put anything into my stockings yet..

so i decide to write a letter to Uncle Santa, hopefully he can find the way to my house by using the google map.. :p

Dear Atuk Santa.. Greetings! 

when you are reading this letter, i am still awaiting for your Christmas presents.. i am not sure why you didn’t stop by my house for the past 36 years.. may be my stockings are too smelly.. may be the windows of my house are too small for you to climb in.. or the weather here is too hot for you.. or you can’t tolerate our hot & spicy foods here.. or you have some visa problems.. or you can’t really understand some of our broken mango-banana English?

i have tried to search you in the facebook, but i can’t find you.. there are so many Santa Buddies in FB, but they are not so kind-hearted like you..     

Dear Atuk Santa.. i am just a little naive boy.. i am not looking for big big presents from you.. what i want are just the followings…

1.  i want to be always look younger and healthy just like you.. since i first knew you when i was 1 year old, you still look the same every year until now.. a sweet smile surrounded by the white moustache and beard.. are you drinking Yomeishu or Gamat..?? also, i really hope that when i wake up in the next morning, my panda eyes will go away.. 😛

2.  i wanna be like you – save the environment and always go green.. travel around the world sending all the presents with your reindeer.. i just don’t understand, why some peoples here like to drive big big four-wheel-drive just to carry some durians from one kampung to another kampung..??

3.  i m seeking for true friendship.. just like you and your reindeer.. i hate fishy peoples (selfish) and those who like to talk bad things about the others..

4.  i wanna be like you.. promote world peace.. can’t we just live together in harmony..?? why should we differentiate each other..??

5.  i wanna be like you.. sharing the true loves and bringing the happiness to the world.. can’t we just luv each other without hate..? no one should suffer in this world..!!!

6.  and.. the last, but not the least.. i luv kids so much as you do.. please realize my dream.. i want a baby, ok..??

cheers..  Merry Christmas..  ho ho ho..  🙂


Kopi Kow Kow

11 Dec

this morning, i had a cup of nice kow-kowcoffee at a Chinese old coffee shop..  🙂

the Chinese words printed on the cup mean “please drink 888 tea and coffee”..  the 888 refers to the brand..  emm, sure this cup was sponsored by the 888 tea/coffee supplier..  :p

i found it very interesting becoz this was the first time i saw a “direct translation” of “kopi” into the Chinese words..  :p  (the “kopi” is “Coffee” in Malay, and in Chinese “coffee” is “咖 啡”..)

来来来..  大家来喝 888 茶与 kopi 啦..  喝了再来八一八啦  🙂

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