Kopi Kow Kow

11 Dec

this morning, i had a cup of nice kow-kowcoffee at a Chinese old coffee shop..  🙂

the Chinese words printed on the cup mean “please drink 888 tea and coffee”..  the 888 refers to the brand..  emm, sure this cup was sponsored by the 888 tea/coffee supplier..  :p

i found it very interesting becoz this was the first time i saw a “direct translation” of “kopi” into the Chinese words..  :p  (the “kopi” is “Coffee” in Malay, and in Chinese “coffee” is “咖 啡”..)

来来来..  大家来喝 888 茶与 kopi 啦..  喝了再来八一八啦  🙂

One Response to “Kopi Kow Kow”

  1. ming December 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    haha.. 1 Malaysia translation ma.. :p

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