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Italio D’ Kelate

29 Jan

it is really surprising me that there is a nice Italian Restaurant in Kelate..

this Italian restaurant is located in Kota Bharu..  although small, it is very well organised..  run by a group of European peoples, who have put great effort to make their every single food as tasty as possible..  they also use some of the local materials in their food preparation, which give an unique “local home-made” Italy food..  🙂

the chicken chop..  very nice..  the chicken is grilled with butter..  with hot fried potatoes..  blueberry jam..  and flower petals..

the chicken chop is nicely grilled..

the chicken chop set comes with a plate of salad..  juicy vegetables..

the yummy seafood pizza..  the diameter of the pizza is about 40 cm..  the pizza bread is so crispy..

a closer look on the pizza..  sotong (squid), udang (prawn) + lala (shellfish)..

and after the great meal..  let’s have a cup of nice Italian Cappuccino..  🙂


Kasi Dara

10 Jan

gua kasi dara ari ni..  (i gave blood today..)  yeah..  :p

this is my 17th blood donation..  i started to donate blood since 1997..  initially i was donating in a yearly basis..  however, i stopped donating blood from year 2000 till 2004..  i am not sure why i stopped donating during that period of time, probably i was busy with my study..  but from 2005 onward, i become a regular blood donor, giving blood about 2 – 3 times a year..  🙂

 i have been giving blood at different places..  Serdang, KL, Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Kuching, and today Kubang Kerian..  🙂

the entire process of blood donation will just take about 30 to 40 minutes..

this include registration, fill up a questionnaire, blood grouping, health screening (haemoglobin level, blood pressure check-up), have a chit-chat with the doctor in-charge, giving blood on a comfortable seat with the television in front of you, have a chit-chat with the nurse, and go for a snack in the pantry..  🙂

the needle inserted into my cephalic vein..  local anaesthesia was given, so no pain at all..  🙂

and the snack time..  my favorite soft boiled egg..  :p

it depends on the center you are giving blood..  most of the centers provide biscuits and milo..  🙂

i remember in 2005 when i was visiting a district hospital in Batu Gajah..  at that time the hospital blood bank had only 2 pints of blood available..  so i decided to give them the 3rd pint..  as appreciation, the staff had went all the way to the town to buy me the “char kuey tiaw”..  huhu..  so sweet..  🙂

donating blood is fun..!!!  and you are saving life as well..  🙂

i have given my blood today..  so, when is yours..??  🙂

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