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Crab Talk (2)

26 Feb

the mission continue..  crab hunting again..  this was my 3rd visit to the Maggie Ketam stall..  :p

this time we asked for something different..

the Maggie Goreng..  yum, yum..  🙂

and also..

the Ketam Goreng..  again, yum, yum..  🙂


Crab Talk (1)

17 Feb

emm..  hammer and pliers..  please don’t misunderstand..  i m not going to talk about DIY stuff here in my blog..

but the hammer and pliers are used for some crab things..  :p

somewhere near Bachok, there is a stall selling Maggie Ketam..  Maggie is the brand of instant noodle, and Ketam is crab in Malay language..  🙂

according to the local people, Maggie Ketam was  first introduced by the fishermen..  when the fishermen went out for fishing, they would stay on the ship for few weeks to few months on the sea..  the only available foods for them were the instant noodles from their house and the crabs from the sea..  thus they have created this unique local food – Maggie Ketam..  🙂

recently, we went to this stall and tried the Maggie Ketam..  actually there are few stalls/restaurants that selling Maggie Ketam in Kelantan..  but this is the only stall that we know about..  and it is very difficult to find as well..

there is a river nearby the stall..  hope they don’t catch the crabs from this river..  :p

it is just a simple stall..  the stall is in front of a kampung (village) house..  :p

and the stall is just open in the evening only..

tata..  the Maggie Ketam..  🙂

depends on the number of customers, you may have to wait a little longer (more than 1/2 hour) to taste it..

yummy..  tummy..  yummy..  and you need the hammer and pliers now..  :p

a closer look..  fresh crabs..  🙂

if you are coming to Kelantan, please don’t forget to try this Maggie Ketam k..  🙂

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