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Prince Katak

25 Mar

here are some pictures that i took during my visit to Aquaria KLCC..

just want to share with you how amazing life is..  although life is short..

these are froggy eggs..  emm..  just make a guess..  how many eggs are there..??  usually there are up to 25,000 floating eggs at one time..  the single cell egg will keep dividing into 2, 4, 8 until thousands of cells..

here come the newly hatched tadpoles..  just in their few days of life..  they feed on remaining yolk in their guts..

getting bigger..  on 21 days of life..  feed on algae..  🙂

few weeks later..  the hind limbs developed..

during the final stages of external metamorphosis, the tadpole’s mouth changes from a small, enclosed mouth at the front of the head to a large mouth the same width as the head..

and finally..

hi..  i’m prince froggy..  so cute  🙂


Yong Tau Fu

18 Mar

found a nice restaurant selling Yong Tau Fu..  the Kuek Retaurant..  🙂

it is situated nearby Jalan Kebun Sultan in Kota Bharu..

as the name implies, these are really, truly, exactly homemade Yong Tau Fu..  🙂

the Yong Tau Fu soup..  fresh..  fresh..  fresh..  the bitter gourd, the tau fu (bean curd), the wantan (dumpling)..

the fried Yong Tau Fu..  the wantan (dumpling), the bitter gourd, the brinjal..

very nice soy sauce and chilli sauce..

cost for each item range from 80 cents to 1 ringgit..  acceptable price for these tasty, compact and fresh homemade Yong Tau Fu..

crispy..  and taste great with the sauce..  🙂

hmm..  a well balanced diet..  🙂

great satisfaction..  🙂

besides the Yong Tau Fu, there are other dishes available as well..

green vegetables..

fish curry..  yummy, yummy..  🙂

mixed vegetables with bean curds and prawns..  delicious..  🙂

the sotong phat phet (spicy cuttlefish)..

fried rice..  taste good..

porridge with pork and century egg..  recommended..  🙂

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