Apam Is Coming Back

3 Apr


who is coming back..??  apam!!

ya, here it is..  the apam balik”..  “balik” means “come back” in Malay language..  i don’t know how it gets its name..  but it is one of the famous local food..  a local version of pancake..  and i luv it very much..  in Kuching we call it “dong dong kueh“.. 😛

i found a “apam balik” stall recently at Jalan Panji, Kelantan..  nearby the Road Transport Department (JPJ)..

3 pieces cost only RM1.00..  hot fresh and tasty.. 🙂

the 15 cm diameter cake is made of batter (mixture of flour and egg)..  and the filling consists of butter, grinded peanut and corn..

yummy, yummy.. 🙂

One Response to “Apam Is Coming Back”

  1. aisyah April 3, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    sedapnyer.. dah lama saya tak makan apam balik.. sekarang nampak tiba-tiba terasa sangat nak makan.. hehe.. :p

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