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Simple Is Beauty (1)

14 May

the definition of beauty is simple, natural and comfortable..

this applies to food and restaurant as well..  🙂

we do not need to go to a 5-star restaurant to hunt for good food..

and, a nice looking restaurant may not always provide us with tasty food..

sometimes a so so looking restaurant can give us a big surprise with the nice food..  🙂

there is a place where i like to hang around, especially during the weekend..

emm..  here it is..

about 15 minutes ride from my kampung house..

tatata..  the Longkang..  :p

i m not quite sure if this is a small river, or a drain..  but we just call this place Longkang (drain in Malay language)..

can you find the cow eating grass in the above picture..??  :p

this is the small Chinese coffee shop just next to the river..

a very small and simple shop..

but they serve nice coffee..  🙂

and they serve the common and tasty Chinese food..  🙂

the shop is run by a young dedicated Chinese boy with his family members..

the kan lau kuo tiaw (aka dry kueh tiaw)..

i love the char siow (barbeque pork)..  big slices..  nicely prepared and well-cooked..  so tasty so yummy..  🙂

this is the yun tun mian (aka wantan noodle)..

the wantan (dumpling) is so fresh..  yum, yum, yum..  🙂

the yummy chicken rice..

i love the claypot bak kut teh (herbal pork soup)..

the claypot pork with salty fish..  emmm, porky and fishy, nice nice..  :p

the steam fish (ikan baung, mystus fish)..  fresh and juicy..  🙂

the claypot yong tau fu..  superb..  🙂

occasionally, they also serve the wild hog curry..

now you know where is the place to hang around in Kelantan..

so, see you in Long Kang ya..  🙂

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