Flying Doctor

17 Jun

the only reason why i choose medicine as my career is..  to become a Flying Doctor.. 🙂

i don’t like to wear shirt and tie, sit inside the air-conditioned clinic room, and wait for patient to come and see me..

i prefer just to wear a T-shirt and short pant, travel around from urban to rural area, see the local people’s life, taste the local food, and offer my help to them whenever neccessary..  if possible, i would like to fly to some other countries as well, from East to West, from North to South.. 🙂

well, i am not a Flying Doctor yet at the moment..

but so far, i still have the opportunity to fly and visit different places in Malaysia..

hospital that i have been working at include:  Hospital Ipoh, Sarawak General Hospital, Hospital USM..

KLIA is just like my second home..  it is common for me to sleep over night on the couch in KLIA..

and now..  i am in Johor Bahru.. 🙂

yeah, this is my first meal in JB..  the bihun goreng mamak in City Square JB..  cun punye..  :p

the hospital provides me a room in this staff quarter..  most of the residents here are the house officers..

next to the quarter is a private medical school..

and hunting good food is one of the best way to release stress after a long busy working day..  this is a simple and clean Chinese restaurant that i found in KSL City JB..

the Hong Kong style crispy noodle..

the herbal soup mee suah..  a little bit disappointed, coz they use the bihun instead of mee suah..

the dumpling with spicy gravy..  a new taste..

and my favorite..  nissin noodle with luncheon meat and egg.. 🙂

the fish dumpling..  crispy crispy.. 🙂

the noodle soup..  with BBQ pork and luncheon meat.. 🙂

emm..  must explore JB thoroughly..  huhu..  :p

4 Responses to “Flying Doctor”

  1. suituapui June 17, 2011 at 6:10 am #

    Oooo…the food inJB looks good. Quite different from what we would get in Kuching or Sibu. Must hop over one of these days to try… Yum!

    • simon June 18, 2011 at 12:20 am #

      just let me know when u come JB..🙂

  2. ritch June 20, 2011 at 11:49 am #

    hi, Dr.Simon Sim, i’m a 3rd yr medical student & end of year exam is coming soon. Well, since this is d 1st clinical yr exam, i feel very nervous & i tink i need an experienced people to advice me..may i hv some words of wisdom frm u?
    Btw, i like ur interest abt Flying Doctor. im looking 4wrd 4 it too..(after watching Japanese Drama ‘Code Blue’ :P)

    Hv a great day, Doc!🙂

    • Simon Sim June 21, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

      hi Ritch.. nice to hear from u.. 🙂 usually the 3rd year clinical exam is not that difficult.. for theory papers, i think doing past year questions and discussion with friends would help.. for clinical exam, usually they will give you common cases that you would have seen during your bedside teaching.. don’t worry much about the diagnosis.. just give a good history with positive and negative symptoms, and give 3 common differential diagnosis would usually pass the clinical exam.. do the clinical examination in a proper way in the short cases, practice among your friends.. a smooth flow of examination is important to impress the examiners.. try to memorize the standard script, eg. the 1st and 2nd heart sounds were heard with no murmurs.. the abdomen is soft, not distended and non-tender with no palpable organomegaly.. etc, etc.. write all the scripts and memorize so u still can present in a good flow although u r panic during the exam.. but never “create” any signs.. the examiners just want a honest and safe medical students.. most important, don’t get panic k, just study accordingly to your revision time table.. cheers.. hope u success in ur exam.. 🙂

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