9 Jul

time flies..!!

and time flies so fast..!!

looking at my own old pictures, i thought it was just happened yesterday..!!

in 1982..  emm, patriotic..  :p

in 1986..  very patriotic..  :p

in 1996..  still very very patriotic..  :p

with my brother Nicky..

the Borneo boy..  :p

with my grandpa and his pet dog..

in 1995..  one of my earlier selfshot pictures..  :p

also in 1995..

emm..  the god of gambler (Borneo edition)..  :p

i was the deputy head boy of SMK Green Road (1993/94)..

i was a Corporal in the Police Cadet (1988-1992)..  :p

haiiiii..  time flies…..!!!!!

One Response to “Memory”

  1. azhar July 12, 2011 at 2:10 am #

    haha. unforgettable memory Dr. Sim🙂

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