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The House Of Dim Sum

22 Sep

ha..  it’s the time for Dim Sum again..  🙂

i was in KL last weekend for my Master program assessment in HKL..  i took the opportunity to lepak in KL with my friends and they had brought me to a Dim Sum restaurant at Sri Petaling..

the name of the restaurant as on the banner..  :p

one of the “special menu” is the Ji Wo Bao (鸡窝包)..  huhu..

the outer layer is the Bao skin (steamed dough), inside it contains “Lor Mai Kai” (the glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom), with the “Char Siow” (BBQ pork) and salted egg york..   haha, very creative..  :p

another “special menu” is Wo Cai Bao (窝仔包)..

the outer layer is also the Bao skin..  wrapping inside are the “Malai Kow” (a type of steamed cake) with the “Char Siow” at the bottom..

the Chai Tao Kueh.. (fried carrot cake)..  very nice, very tasty..

the Sesame Balls with “Tau Sar” (mung bean)..

the Siew Mai (dumpling) with prawns inside..

the different types of Dim Sum..  in clockwise, the big big Fish Balls, the green Siew Mai, and the crab-stick with seaweed Dim Sum..  🙂

recommended..  ^_^

Let’s Go To The Zoo.. (Part 1)

3 Sep

i was so excited when i first found out there is a zoo just nearby to the hospital that i’m working now..  :p

but due to the busy and heavy workloads in the hospital, i just can’t find any time to go there until today..

after my breakfast, i started to walk to the zoo from my hospital at 9.22am this morning..

it took about 15 minutes to walk to the zoo..

ehhmmm..  let’s buy the entrance ticket..

the ticket counter..  my shadow was reflected on the window..  :p   all the pictures in this blog were taken with my pnone camera..

the entrance fee is only RM 2.00..  another RM 1.00 ticket for  the “Animal Show”..

the Moluccan Cockatoo (kakaktua seram)..

the Electus Parrot..

the Blue and Gold Macaw..

the Malayan Peacock Pheasant..

the Elephants..

the Donkeys..

the innocent look..  :p

the Malayan Bear..

the Orang Utan..  another innocent look..  :p

the Tiger in the pond..

the Tiger in the mini jungle..

the Squirrel..  “aarrrr..  i’m post oncall..  zzzZZZ..”

“me too..  had a jonah oncall last nite..”

the Camels..

the Tapirs..

the Cassowary..

the “Bird Show”..  the Macaw is showing its talent in mathematics..  great show..  🙂

the Crocodiles..

the Hippopotamus..  “look to the right..”

“look to the front..”

“look to the left.. “

“why suddenly so many peoples take picture on me..  malu la..  i want to hide..  i want to hide..  ikkkssss..  can’t they provide me a bigger tree to hide..?????”

the Flamingos..

“hehehehe..  let’s do some monkey business..”   :p

“line clear..??  you clear, i clear, everybody clear..  ok, get ready…..”

Syrrrppppp..  “hehe, i like papaya..”   :p

the big birds (Ostrich) and the small birds (Swan)..

“guess who i am..??”

“it’s me..”

i really enjoyed this half-day visit to the zoo..  🙂

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