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The City Of Meow

9 Oct

just recently i read an interesting news from the newspaper..

a girl from peninsular was crying after being offered an undergraduate program in UNIMAS..

not because she was too happy to get a place in this local public university.. but she was too SAD because she needs to leave her hometown to swim across the South China Sea to come to Sarawak.. somebody has told her that Sarawak is not well-developed, and the Sarawakian are staying on top of the trees..

well, sometimes we do hide inside the jungle, but not because we are staying on top of the trees.. we are actually just standing under the durian tree to wait for the durians to drop k.. hahaha.. :p

aiyo, xiao mei mei, don’t be so sad la.. let ko ko tell you something about Sarawak k.. ko ko already across the South China Sea more than 48 times.. no need to swim k.. just use belon (aeroplane in local Sarawak language).. very simple.. very convenient.. only takes 1 hour 40 minutes.. 🙂

aiyoyo, don’t say Sarawak is not well-developed ma.. we are developing very well ok.. we are capable to organize international conference some more..

see, this is our Borneo Convention Center.. big leh.. :p  looks like the Olympic Stadium in China leh.. :p

we Sarawakian are all nice nice people.. we cucuk tanam, but we don’t cucuk belakang.. we are very friendly.. and our Orang Utan also very very friendly k.. :p

for your information, we have schools here as well.. so we know how to read.. and that’s why ko ko knows xiao mei mei you are crying out there from the newspaper.. :p see, this is the primary school that ko ko attended.. the St’ Paul School.. hey, no play-play leh, the Sarawak 5th soon-to-be neurosurgeon was coming from this school k.. huhu.. :p

since you are coming to UNIMAS, let me show you some interesting places in Kuching k.. you see, our street so clean.. no traffic jam some more.. :p

ha.. this is the famous Carpenter Street.. here you can get all the stylish furniture, reference books, local souvenirs, both oriental and western foods.. most important, you will get blessing every time you come here, coz there are 2 Chinese Temples along this street.. 🙂

next to the Carpenter Street, you will see the General Post Office.. so you don’t have to worry if wanna send a packet of Kolo Mee back to your hometown for your mama.. :p

ha, you also can try the Middle Eastern cuisine in Kuching.. not need to swim so far to the Middle East countries k..

if you like hand craft, then you can get all the information here.. the Sarawak Craft Council.. 🙂

Kuching is full of historical places.. for example, the white fort at the Kuching Waterfront.. can you see the “cock” on the left top of the fort..? it is actually part of the wind vane.. 🙂

it was built in 1879..

we Sarawakian don’t like fighting.. we want peace, peace and peace.. so you won’t find any army inside the fort.. the fort is now the gallery for Sarawak arts and crafts..  🙂

let me show you the Sarawak River.. so calming.. peace in mind.. 🙂

Singapore has lion.. and we have buaya (crocodile)..

you also can see our beautiful State Assembly Hall just across the Sungai Sarawak..

another view of the State Assembly Hall..  🙂

if you are stressed out with your study, then just come here.. don’t get me wrong, i’m not asking you to jump into the river.. but just would like you to have a sampan ride.. calm your mind.. calm your mind.. :p

not far from the Waterfront, you will see this old Courthouse building..

it was built in 1874.. it has now become a famous place for wedding photo shooting.. and some couples are having their wedding ceremony and dinner here as well.. you may consider it too if you find your soul mate later in Sarawak.. 🙂

we also have a lot of nice, nice local food which you only can get the original taste here in Sarawak.. 🙂

for example..

the Korong Mee (aka Kolo Mee).. yummy.. yummy.. 🙂

the Laksa Sarawak.. yummy.. yummy.. 🙂

the Kio Chiap Mee (tomato sauce noodle).. yummy.. yummy.. 🙂

so, why think so much..???

get your ticket and fly to Sarawak now.. we welcome you.. Selamat Datai Ke Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang..!!!!!

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