Let’s Go To The Zoo.. (Part 2)

29 Oct

today i go to the Zoo Johor Bahru again for the second time..   :p

all my Indian colleagues were going back to their hometown for Deepavalli celebration..  thus i hav to do more oncall over this one week..  indeed i’m post oncall today..  very drowsy..  but i need some activities to release tension..  furthermore, i rindu kat si hippo very very much..   :p

actually i hav announced in my facebook on 27th october to look for friends to accompany me to the zoo..  i hav even lelong myself and offer free ticket and a free ice-cream to those who are willing to come..  however, as usual, unsurprisingly, nobody will come and i hav to go alone myself..   😥

“huhu..  i’m drowsy too..  post oncall as well..”

“me too..  collapse now..  i need cerebral resuscitation..”

“hehe..  i’m not post oncall..  but just changing my skin only..”

(can you see the peeled-off skin?  this is called skin shedding..)

the beruk kentol (stump tailed macaque)..

“my face is red since birth..  not because i’m angry..  so don’t call me angry monkey okay..” 

the lion..  emmm, wonder what is he looking at..??  meat..??   :p

the lioness..  tak da mood..??

the chimpanzee..

the sang kancil (mouse deer)..  the famous character in the cerita dongeng..

the innocent look – pose 1..

the innocent look – pose 2..

the innocent look – pose 3..   :p

the kenyalang..

kamek dari Sarawak..”   (local Sarawak language: i’m from Sarawak)..

the rusa (deer)..

the rusa innocent look..  hehe..   :p

(peeping)..   “oooooooo…”

(peeping)..   “waaaaaaa…”

“hey tikus..  who are you peeping at..??  tengok awek ke…?”

“hehe..  he is looking at me lor..  the hottest chick…  hey tikus, jangan meleleh k..”   🙂

“i wanna be a supermodel..  let me show you something ya..”

“the chicky style catwalk..”   :p

“tak ada orang nak tangok aku ke..??  aku ni pun hot chick juga..  keh keh keh..”   :p

“aku pun tau jalan catwalk jugak..”

“hey, hey, hey..  jangan gaduh..  kalo kamu dua tu pun kira hot chick..  then aku la hot chick gunung berapi paling pedas..  huhu..”

“tengok betul-betul..  ni la namanye natural beauty..  tak pakai make-up tau..”

“tak pakai hair gel..  rambut tetap kemas, kilat, licin dan berseri..  huhu..”

“ha..  ni baru chicky catwalk..  throw your shoulders back, and tilt your buttock up..”

“ikksss..  don’t disturb me..  i don’t wan bunny catwalk..  giv me more carrot..  giv me more more carrot..”

emmmm..???  where is the hippo..???  hippoooo..  where are yoouuuuuu…???  are you hiding behind the tree trunk..???

ooo..  hippo is having his romantic breakfast with his gal-gal..  see, makan masih sempat main mata lagi..  jealous betul la saya..   :p

the house of birds..  🙂   ni la keluarga bahagia..  🙂

ha..  tension totally released after visiting the zoo..  hehe..  :p

and buy myself this “roti ice cream” with chocolate flavor..  just for self motivation..  to encourage myself to work even harder..  emm, makan seorang-seorang je..  maklum la, tak senasib baik macam si hippo tu..   :p

** more pictures in my previous post – Let’s Go To The Zoo:  https://simonsim.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/zoo-johor

4 Responses to “Let’s Go To The Zoo.. (Part 2)”

  1. suituapui October 30, 2011 at 6:42 am #

    You rindu kat hippo…but no hippo photo leh? I also look like hippo…so you can come to Sibu and see… When?

    • Simon Sim October 30, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

      haha.. the time i reached there, the zookeeper was cleaning up the hippo’s playground.. so both of the hippo were kept inside the cage.. so i only managed to take the photo outside the playground when the hippo were taking their meal inside the cage.. :p

  2. MaMabel October 31, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    SK…terlampau rindu kat hippo sampai sanggup ke zoo, biarpun tak berteman. hahaha….anyway, nice post!

    • Simon Sim October 31, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

      hehe.. kalo boleh, nak bela satu hippo kat hostel saya jugak.. :p

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