Let’s Go Oversea (1)

23 Nov

it was a public holiday in JB yesterday..  🙂

and i had made a sudden decision to go oversea yesterday early morning..

hehe..  nama saja oversea..  actually just crossed the bridge to Singapore..  :p

i was really hoping that someone can accompany me for the trip, but i couldn’t find anyone..  sop..  sop..  😥

my colleague sent me to the JB customs building, and from there i took a bus straight to the Universal Studios Singapore..  🙂

the journey took about 1 hour..  but a lot of time was wasted at the Singapore customs check point..

i reached my destination around 11.15am..  🙂

the “globe”..  🙂

the tall arch at the entrance..

the entrance fee (1-day pass) for adult is S$ 74.00 (peak day)..

haha..  got the ticket dy..  :p

jom masok..  :p

the first scene after the entrance is the Hollywood..

i like the Christmas atmosphere here and the Christmas songs..  🙂

there are numbers of gift stores along the street..

still in Hollywood..  🙂

the “popcorn” car..  selling the “popcorn”..  see the large “popcorn” on top of the car..  :p

there is a Chinese bistro as well here in the Hollywood..

the London street..

the building along the London street..

and there is a bar..

the “King of Beers”..  ehmmm, i don’t drink alcohol..  🙂

the yellow cab..  just like the one we used to see in the movies..

the police car..

i was entertained with the “street dance” performance right here in front of this building..

hi sir, i like your six-pack abdominal muscles..  :p

excuse me sir..  is the clock heavy..??

emmm..  i’m watching you..  :p

the white house..?  i like the Christmas trees..  🙂

the red house..?

i watched the rock musical theatre here, performed by a group of monsters..  :p

the little Egypt..

be careful..  don’t drop the stones k..  :p

i’m oncall..

the tall statures..

emmm..  not sure if there is water inside the big bowl..??

i’m very cold…

eeeee..  the Queen of Egypt..??  why is she here..??  and she looks so sad..  lost in Singapore..??

ehmm..  i must do something to help her..  eerrrr..  where is the phone booth..??

nvm..  just go to the washroom..

take out my glasses..

and, unbutton my shirt..  ta ta ta…

now..  fly back to the Queen again..

aahaaa..  she starts smiling now..  :p

shhhhh..  don’t tell my boss i’m from the Planet of Krypton..  otherwise he will ask me to do “charity” oncall everyday..  :p

keh keh keh..  the Superman has a new bodyguard..  :p

let’s go to the Jurassic Park..

the dinosaur..

emmmm..  telur banyak besar oh..  :p

i enjoy the high speed roller coaster very much..

before riding the roller coaster, read the warning signboard..

haha..  i still survive after the ride..  :p

let’s go to the country of Far Far Away..

here is the Shrek..  🙂

i like this castle very much..  inside the castle the visitors can watch the 4D Shrek’s movie..  nice experience..  the donkey sneezes and  his saliva splashes on us..  :p

here is the donkey..  with his kids..

ohh..  please teach me the froggy kiss..

so cute..  :p

with the Puss in the Boots..

the Transformer ride..  another nice experience as well..  indoor roller coaster with 3D effect motion picture..

the Madagascar..

the King Julien..

this way in for a boat ride..

hiiiii..  we are one family..  🙂

ha..  i love your hair, lion..  hujan pun tak payah pakai payung..  :p

let’s see who are the celebrities that i have met here..  🙂

Charlie Chaplin..  🙂   thinking to have moustache like him..  :p

the sexy Marilyn Monroe..  🙂

the Frankenstein..  🙂

help..!!!  Superman needs helppppp..!!!

hahaha..  what a wonderful trip..  🙂

this place is really awesome..  🙂

make a wish to Fairy Godmother..  hopefully all the stories in our life will happily ever afters..  🙂


6 Responses to “Let’s Go Oversea (1)”

  1. suituapui November 24, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    Jealous… Haven’t been to Singapore for a long, long time. Too expensive, can’t afford… 😦

    • Simon Sim November 25, 2011 at 2:11 am #

      haha.. but it is really worth to go to Universal Studios.. 🙂

  2. siti nabilah ibrahim April 15, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    waaa bestnye superman g singapore hehehe

    • Simon Sim April 19, 2012 at 12:28 am #

      next time sy bawa superwoman gi sekali.. :p

  3. J December 13, 2014 at 12:37 pm #

    Nice photos. The Ancient Egypt character is the Nile Princess. She is inspired by the Mummy movie character, Anck Su Namun.

    • Simon Sim December 13, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

      hi J.. thanks for the info.. 🙂

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