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Little Pussy Cat

22 Apr

last friday nite i went to a food stall in Kota Bharu..

hehe..  i’m not going to talk about the yummy food in this entry here..

but just want to introduce to you my new friend..  Ah Meow the little pussy cat..  🙂

there were few cats resting in this food stall..

and one of them was keep staring at me since i sat down on the chair..

i was then attracted by her innocent look..  hehe..  :p

i started to call her “Meow, Meow”  and put my hand down near to the floor..

and she slowly walked toward my hand..

she touched my hand with her head few times..

when the bonding established, i started to give few long strokes on her back..

after that i softly scratched her jaw, chin, neck and ears..  and she liked the petting very much..  🙂

and that’s how i got my new friend..  :p


Korean Food

3 Apr

an nyoung (hello in Korean)..  🙂

i went to a Korean restaurant few days ago with my friends at Desa Petaling, Selangor..

well, i’m not really a big fan of Korean food..  but i still think this is the best Korean restaurant i’ve ever tried so far..  :p

it is located on the 1st floor of a shop lot..

during dinner time, there are a lot of customers queuing outside the restaurant..

for us, we waited about half an hour outside the restaurant before we managed to get into the restaurant..  :p

i like the environment inside the restaurant, although it is a little bit hot..

emm..  can’t wait..  hungry, hungry..  :p

da da..  here comes the food..  a variety of side dishes..  🙂

the seaweed..  tasty and crispy..  🙂

the mushroom..  sweat and juicy..  🙂

the octopus..  juicy and a little bit spicy..  🙂

the fried egg..  soft and tasty..  🙂

the green vegetable..  i like the sauce, taste like Chinese furu (the fermented bean curd)..  🙂

the Korean nian gao..  🙂

the kimchi soup..  nice..  nice..  slurrppp..  🙂

the steamed egg..  hot, juicy and tasty..  🙂

the stove..  haha..  :p

yeah..  meat barbecue..  🙂

ta ta..  ready to eat..  🙂

you can wrap the side dishes with the vegetable..

or..  you can eat together with the fragrance rice..  🙂

yummy, yummy..  :p

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