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Bye JB

26 May

yesterday was my last working day in Johor Bahru..  i am going back to Kubang Kerian campus soon..

for the past 1 year, i hav a good working relationship with my staffs here in Johor Bahru..  :p

just the week before i left, i received some souvenirs from them..

i am very, very happy that they are all so concerned about me, in every aspect of my life..  huhu..  :p

they realize that i like checked-shirt very much..  and they know the brand that i like most as well as my size..  :p

GCS (Glasgow Coma Score) and pupils size monitoring are considered as the bread and butter in neurosurgery.. similar to the PR (per rectum) examination in general surgery..  in average, i need to shine my torch light to the pupils of more than 20 patients within a day..  that’s why my torch light looks fade and is frequently out of battery.. the wards sisters are so understanding and so kind to give me 2 new torch lights with 4 brand new batteries..  :p

ya..  sometimes i wake up late..  especially after a busy oncall day..  and sometimes i come to work with uncombed hair and full sweaty face (rushing from my hostel to the hospital)..  so the in-ward pharmacist has given me this cute and loud alarm clock..  🙂   ha, there’s no reason for me to come to work late anymore..  :p

the ward staff nurses hav given me this stationery set..

i hav been using this brand of ballpoint pen since my housemanship..

and now, i hav this German-made ballpoint pen with my name carved on it..  🙂

i enjoy reading their comments as well..

most of them wish me luck and success in my study..

few of them seek forgiveness if they hav done any mistake..  honestly, the nurses in my ward are very keen to learn and to improve their working performance compared to the house officers..  :p

and, one of the nurse even so concerns about my “jodoh“..  haha..  ok, ok..  will work hard on it..  :p

hopefully i will complete my postgraduate study and training successfully in the next 2 years..  🙂

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