The Big Bird

6 May

last week i visited the Ostrich Farm at Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi, Johor..

i found this interesting place when i was surfing the internet..

at the ticket counter, there is a 1-day old baby ostrich..  the size is just about 3 times larger than the calculator next to it..  :p

these are the 1-month old baby ostriches..  they look like baby ducks..  🙂

and they are very curious with the visitors..  🙂

and everyone is smiling..  huhu..  :p

these are the 5-month old ostriches..  their size are almost reaching the size of an adult ostrich..  🙂

and these are the 6-month old osritches..  🙂

“say cheers..”

in the standing position..

in the sitting position..

“my face..”

the male ostrich has pinkish lips..

and the female ostrich has grayish lips..

“and my back side..”  :p

“and i’m vegetarian..  ermmm, need evidence..??  just look at the leaf left over on my mouth..”  

“haha.. photo shooting..  i wan to stand in front..   wait for me..  i’m coming..”  

“coming, coming, coming..”

“oppsss..  sorry..  i hit on your camera..”  :p

some of them have fur loss..  not because of skin diseases..  but it is the natural process of fur changing periodically..

very friendly..  the skin over the neck just feels like carpet..  :p

everybody says cheers..  🙂

the ostrich egg..  it’s strong, hard and tough..

hehe..  Qi Gong demonstration..  stepping on the eggs..  :p

and you need a power drill to open the egg..

and the egg won’t crack..  just imaging how hard the egg is..

the diameter of the egg yolk is about 10cm..

one egg can used to cook 6 plates of omelette..  each plate cost RM 8.00..  taste very nice..

the ostrich satay..  harder then chicken, but softer than beef..  each stick cost RM 1.80..

the nutritional fact..  the chicken has the highest cholesterol among the species..

there is a banboon inside the ostrich farm..

erggggh..  don’t disturb me..  i’m doing yoga..”  

the products from the ostrich eggs..

beautiful..  and elegance..  🙂

the beautiful lamp..  :p

a memorable, lovely, amazing and educational trip..  🙂

2 Responses to “The Big Bird”

  1. siti nabilah ibrahim May 7, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    so nice…:-)

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