Let’s Go Horse Riding

18 Jun

jom naik kuda..  

kuda betol ni, bukan kuda kepang..  :p

just a few weeks before i left Johor Bahru, i went to this riding school with my friends..  🙂

the Riders Loge..

it is located in Kulai, Johor..

 and i like the school’s “angmoh” style architecture very much..  🙂

i hav signed up a 2-day horse riding course..  🙂

and i stayed one night over there..

the comfortable room..

with astro as well..  :p

the “angmoh” atmosphere in this riding school..  fresh, fresh, fresh..

this is the riding field..

the saddles in the store room..

haha..  these are not the turtles hanging on the wall..  :p

safety first..  so choose the appropriate hat size for riding..

emm..  posing first before start riding..  looked calm, but actually in fear..  kakakaka..  :p

this was the 1st time in my life that i hav such a close contact with a horse..

i need to step on the stairs to mount on the horseback..  🙂

finally..  yeah, yeah..

the instructor briefed me on how to cue a horse to turn when riding..

the name of the horse that i was riding on is PBT (please be true)..

it has won numerous championship previously..  the one shown on the picture was not me..

but, this is me..  haha,,  the borneo boy is riding PBT..

left, right, left, right..  keep focus..  hopefully i can pick up my bride with a horse on my wedding day..  haha, day dreaming..  :p

throughout the 2 days course, i was given the chance to ride on different types of horses..  most of the horses here were previously the racing horse..  including tyson..

different horses hav different types of characters..  tyson is good in trotting..

big splendor..  is good in both slow walking and trotting..

and the kampong boy..  who likes to stop and rest under the tree during the riding session..  takut panas bah..  :p

the staff was preparing the kampong boy for me..

the horse like to pose as well..  i saw this horse behind the main building when i was having my breakfast..

she came toward me when she noticed that i was taking her picture..

she showed me her left face..

her right face..

and finally a pose for the full body shot..  :p

a white horse inside the stable..

we went for trail riding on the 2nd day..

i took this picture when i was riding on PBT..

we were riding through the palm plantation..

this is our instructor, Mr. Guillaume Larivain..

he taught us how to put on the horse saddle..

the different types of brushes and the correct method to groom the horse..

to clear the mud..

to put on vanish to soften the horse hoof..

at the end of the course, a certificate and a golden horseshoe were awarded..  🙂

haha..  hopefully i still can continue horse riding in Kelantan..  🙂

6 Responses to “Let’s Go Horse Riding”

  1. Dr Nadia August 25, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    hahahhaa so cute! Kulai ye….. I’m gonna do this too!!! u never mentioned the price laaaa

    • Simon Sim August 25, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

      hi Dr. Nadia.. 🙂
      yup, riding is fun.. ^_^
      the 2-day course is about RM800++

  2. jeyyanthi March 22, 2015 at 10:17 pm #

    Hai simon, it was a great info.. never knew they hv this in JB.. Pls share bout the charges and sessions.. thankieu.. 😉

  3. Eipy April 20, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

    hi Simon, what a great experience u had there! i plan to go for trail riding over there. was it good? i would appreciate if u can describe a bit more on your trail riding experience. Thanks in advance Simon!

    • Simon Sim April 21, 2015 at 10:26 pm #

      hi Eipy.. ya, the trail riding was great 🙂
      the trail riding was part of the riding course, the instructor brought us to a nearby palm plantation..
      good experience, during the trail, we had to ride up and down hills..
      but you also can take the trail riding without taking the riding course ^_^

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