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Simple Is Beauty (5)

12 Oct

personally i think this is the best kopitiam in Kota Bharu..

it is an old restaurant situated at Jalan Che Su, Kota Bharu..  just opposite to the Crystal Lodge Hotel..

the name is Khuan Heong Yan (冠香园)..

i like this place very much although the food here is simple..

every time i come here, it flashes back all my old sweet memories..  :p

 i like the coffee here very much..

especially the superb original and classic coffee taste..

i like the roti bakar..  these charcoal-fire toasted bread filled with butter and kaya (coconut jam) really give a different taste from those  made by electric-toaster..

l love this soft-boiled eggs..  perfect..  🙂

the restaurant also has ready-packed food from other suppliers..

this is my favorite..  the maggie goreng (fried maggie noodle)..

the way of cooking is just so simple, with some garlic slices and vegetable..  but the taste really flashes back my childhood nostalgia..

it taste similar to the fried noodle i used to queue up with patience and desperate for in the canteen during the recess time in my primary school days..  hehe..  :p

the bihun goreng (fried rice vermicelli with dark soy sauce)..

 the bihun goreng putih (fried rice vermicelli with light soy sauce)..

the nasi lemak (coconut milk rice)..  original taste..

the nasi daun India (Indian banana leaf rice)..  the dry curry chicken is so tasty..  yummy yummy..  recommended ++

looking for nostalgia..?  this is the place..  🙂

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