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Jom Main Layang-Layang

10 Nov

i love kite flying..  🙂

i’m so excited when i know that there is a kite museum at Pasir Gudang, which is about 35 minutes drive from Johor Bahru..

Pasir Gudang Kite Museum is the first of it’s kind in Malaysia..

the museum was first opened in February 2002, with the aim to preserve and promote the Wau as one of the Malaysian craft heritage..

Wau = Malaysian traditional kites  🙂

this museum showcases the art of kite-making and displays a collection of Wau, in spectacular colours and designs..

most of the kites flew during the annual Pasir Gudang Iternational Kite Festival were stored and exhibited in this museum as well..  an appreciation towards the contribution of the local and international  kite flyers. .  🙂

the green environment surrounding the museum..

the effort of preserving the nature and the traditional heritage..

this is Wau Bulan (bulan = moon)..  it is believed that Wau Bulan came from the Srivijaya Empire  (Indonesian ancient kingdom)..

the Wau Merak (merak = peacock)..  it is believed to have come from Sulawesi, Indonesia..

and Wau Merak is flown mainly by the Bugis people after the paddy harvesting season..

Wau Kucing (left).. Wau Bulan (middle)..  Wau Jalabudi (right)..

the tail of Wau Jalabudi is similar to a leaf named ‘budi’ found in Kedah, that’s how it got its name..  🙂

the Wau is equipped with big hummer-like material, and thus producing coarse sound when flying..

different design of Wau Bulan..

Wau Kucing is said to have originated from Kelantan..  and it looks similar to the logo of Malaysian Airlines System (MAS)..

the colourful Wau..  🙂

besides the local Wau, there are different types of kites from other countries displayed on the 1st floor of the museum..

the peacock shaped kite..

the colourful butterfly..

the rainbow phoenix..

the fortune wheel..

errmm..  how can this fly..?  amazing..  🙂

the lantern style, with wildlife drawings on the kite..

the unique Korean kites..

the Japanese kites..

another beautiful Japanese kite..

the cute cuttlefish kite..  🙂

the hawk..

the beautiful phoenix..

another phoenix..

the hawk..  from Langkawi..?

emm..  the bird is taking away the Wau..

bird-shaped kite..

the flying kuda kepang..

the flying dragon..


the dragon kite..

the flying scooter..

ha..  the boxing kangaroo..  🙂

kangaroo and lizard..

the beautiful dragon kite..

jom main layang-layang..  🙂

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