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I Always Luv U Atuk Santa

25 Dec

Dear Atuk Santa..  

it’s me again.. :p

it has been 2 years liao since i last wrote to you.. how are you Atuk..?

i really miss you so much la..

i am doing fine here Atuk.. still busy with my kerja-kerja cuci otak..  

well, Atuk.. you are looking great.. going to gym often..?

i always look for your news in the internet..  

and recently i saw you in this costume..

are you doing locum as well..??

ya, i understand.. it is for live surviving.. 

i hope you Atuk have enough time to rest.. we really need you bah..

just wondering where are you at this moment..?

but i’m pretty sure that you are working very hard now to go every corner of the world to distribute our presents, rite..??

hope you Atuk can find my house in Kelantan here.. 🙂

atuk santa

ha, Atuk.. you got your licence liao..??

wah, so nice.. 🙂

then we can rempit together and jalan-jalan cari makan liao.. 🙂

our local foods are very very tasty punya..

Atuk you probably worry that you may have difficulty in getting into the chimney if you’ve eaten too much..

or even cannot get out from the chimney..

Atuk, actually you don’t have to worry so much..

and don’t have to purposely cut down your weight k..

you don’t look handsome Atuk if you are so thin..

furthermore.. we don’t have chimney in our kampung houses..

all you need to do is just ketuk pintu and beri salam niah..

so, nothing to worry.. jom makan.. :p

by the way.. don’t forget my Christmas present.. the baby should be 2 years of age now if Atuk you still remember my 2010 Christmas wishes.. :p

and, Atuk Santa.. you always rock.. yeaahh..!!

wishing all Atuk Santa fans a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.. 🙂

cheers.. ^_^

(my letter to Atuk Santa in 2010..)


Buddhist Temples In Kelantan

15 Dec

there are many tourist attraction sites in Kelantan, Malaysia..

among them are the beautiful and impressive Buddhist Temples..  🙂


this is Wat Phothivihan in Kampung Jambu, Tumpat..

(Wat = temple in Thai language)


this temple has the largest statue of reclining Buddha in Southeast Asia..  🙂


the statue is 40 metres long, 11 metres high, and 9 metres wide..  the statue was completed in 1979, after a 6 years construction work at a cost of RM 350,000..  the funds came from public donations and Buddhist Association of Malaysia and Thailand..


the statues of sitting Buddha inside the temple, surrounding the statue of reclining Buddha..


there is a Buddhist Eight Spoked Wheel in the garden, which symbolize the Noble Eightfold Path in the Buddhism teaching..


this is another Buddhist temple in Tumpat, Wat Machimmaran..  located in Kampung Jubakar..  there is a notice board outside the temple, to remind us always to be humble..  🙂


this temple was mainly built by skilled craftsmen from Thailand, and it took 10 years to complete in 2000..

this temple is the site of many festivals and celebrations, including Wesak Day, Lakathor, Chinese Lunar New Year and Chai..


the statue of young Buddha (Prince Siddhartha Gautama in his childhood time)..


the statue of a sitting Buddha in the meditation posture..  30 metres high, 47 metres wide..  and this is the biggest sitting Buddha statue in Southeast Asia..


this is Wat Phikulthong..  another famous Buddhist Temple in Kampung Terbok, Tumpat..


there is a golden stature of standing Buddha in this temple..


blessings of Buddha..  world peace, and hope all of us live in harmony..  🙂


this is Wat Phothikyan Phutthakthan at Kampung Balai, Bachok..


it is also known as Wat Dua Naga..

(Dua Naga – twin dragons in Malay language)


the large bells for praying..


the temple is surrounded by two dragons (as the fence of the temple)..


and this is the longest twin dragons fence in Southeast Asia..  598 metres long..


ha..  the dragon claw..  🙂


beautiful architecture in the garden of the temple..


and this is the highest stature of standing Buddha in Southeast Asia..  32 metres tall..

very interesting rite..  the largest statue of standing Buddha, sitting Buddha, and reclining Buddha in Southeast Asia are all in Kelantan..  🙂

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