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Simple Is Beauty (6)

21 Jan


ha..  this is the best char kueh kak that i hav tested in Kelantan..  🙂

char kueh kak

the stall is located just in front of the Kim Leong Restaurant at Jalan Kebun Sultan, Kota Bharu..

it is owned by a Chinese auntie, who has running the business for more than 15 years..  🙂

char kueh kak

char = fried

kueh kak = white carrot cake

in some places, including Kuching, we just call it char kueh (in Hokkien dialect)..

and in some places they use rice-flour cake instead of white carrot cake..

for a better taste, the flat pan / wok must be hot enough with some cooking oil and finely chopped garlic before putting the carrot cake..

char kueh kak

then add an egg..

char kueh kak

for those who like spicy food, then add in some chili sauce..  🙂

char kueh kak

after that, adding soy sauce and mix well..

in some places, there are two versions of char kueh kak, mainly depends on what type of soy sauce they used..  the dark / thick soy sauce will give the sweet version char kueh kak, whereas the light soy sauce will make the salty version char kueh kak..  🙂

here in this stall she makes the sweet version..  🙂

other ingredients include the chai po (pickled vegetable) and been sprouts..  in some places, they put shrimp as well..

char kueh kak

tata..  the hot yummy tasty fried white carrot cake..  🙂

jom makan..  🙂

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