Huat Arr ~ ~

28 Feb

today is the last day in the month of February 2013..

and i was busy for the past 27 days..

i’m not really sure what am i busy with..  but just felt that 24 hours in a day is absolutely not enough for me..

wake up 6 am, doing ward round 7 am, attend morning conference and teaching session 8 am, accompany boss doing round 9 am, rushing to clinic at 10 am, if no clinic day then rushing to operation theater at 9.30 am, when finish clinic the time will be around 3 pm, or when finish surgery the time will be around 4 pm, sometimes 6 pm, and occasionally 8 pm..  after that rushing to the wards again to settle the ward works and to complete the evening round..  after having dinner the time is almost 9 pm..  doing paperwork for boss, medical reports, assignment, study a bit a bit a bit and finally fall asleep zzzZZZZZZ in the middle of the night..  with the room light on..

the cycle repeat again the next day..

oppss..  where is my breakfast?  my lunch?  (but weight never reduced oso..  :p)

that is just for non oncall day..

if oncall day, my phone will not stop ringing until i forgot the day and night..  walking in and walking out from the operation theater more than walking into the toilet..

any holidays?

yup..  :)  went back Kuching to celebrate Chinese New Year with my parents..

but hav to rush back few days later to Kubang Kerian to start working with a spoilt  new year mood..  :'(

and even worse, hav to sit for the Paediatric Advanced Life Support exam on the day of Chap Gor Meh..  wan to throw some oranges to get jodoh oso no time..

luckily the Uncle Huat aka Atuk Chai Seng had cheered me up on the Chap Gor Meh night..

and gave me a gold coin..

huat ar ~~ !!

hope the water snake can bring me more luck this year..  gaji naik naik naik..  jodoh mari mari mari..

and the most important thing – boss, can giv me less job ar..?

4 Responses to “Huat Arr ~ ~”

  1. michelle March 1, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    i work on cny first day… my shift was all back to back.. haywire plus plus.. i miss my students life😦

    • Simon Sim March 1, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

      hi Michelle..
      welcome to the healthcare professional team.. 🙂
      and happy CNY.. 🙂

  2. Alicia March 10, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    Though I’m not working at the healthcare sector my day virtually almost the same as yours. Just that I’ve to wake up slightly early then u and I don’t have to be on call. But there are times that we don’t get proper sleep as well..u must be guessing what am I working as?…I’m a lawyer (litigator more accurately)

    • Simon Sim March 12, 2013 at 12:21 am #

      hi Alicia.. thanks for sharing.. 🙂
      and take good care.. ^_^

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