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Simple Is Beauty (7)

8 Mar

this is one of the best Halal Chinese cuisine restaurant in Kota Bharu..  🙂

the restaurant is situated at Paya Bemban, Kota Bharu..  not far away from Hospital USM..

i lov this claypot crab rice very much..  the rice is cooked with crab meat..

fragrance and excellent..  🙂

the steam chicken..  smooth and tasty..

sarang burung..??  nope..

this is the fried oysters with egg..  can’t see the oyster..

emmmm..  here it is..  :p

fried bitter gourd with salted egg..  one of the classical Chinese dishes..

the sizzling soy bean curd..

the home-made steam fish balls..  besarnyer..  :p

the fried brinjal with sambal..  yummy yummy..  🙂

another version..  the dried fried brinjo..

the lemon chicken..  wonderful taste..  ^_^

for those who are looking for Halal Chinese cuisine, then this is the right place..  🙂

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