Annyeong-Haseyo (Part 2) – The Story From Nami Island

21 Sep

i didn’t know about Nami Island until recently when i was browsing through the Korea tourism guide brochure..

the pictures shown in the brochure were really beautiful and very attractive.. and only then i knew that this was the shooting place for the famous Korean drama “Winter Sonata“..

i tried to get more information about this island in the internet, and i came across these comments – “you’re not in Korea if you haven’t gone to Nami Island“.. “don’t leave Korea without visiting Nami Island“..

wow.. the thing that running through my mind was “really ya..?” because of curiosity, i decided to go there and take a look myself.. ^_^

on 12th September, i woke up at 6.00 am, prepared myself for the trip, and started to walk from my hotel to the subway station.. i took the train at 7.15 am from Samseong Station and arrived at Gapyeong Station around 8.45 am (about 1.5 hours, and in between i have to transfer 2 times to different subway lines to reach the destination)..

then from Gapyeong Station, i took a taxi to the ferry wharf (about 5 minutes driving distance)..

Nami Island is about 63 km from Seoul and located in the middle of the Han River.. the island has an area of 460, 000 m² and a circumference of 5 km..

this is the ferry wharf.. here i bought the entrance ticket with Korean Won 8000 (for both ferry and admission to Nami Island, which is about USD 8.00)..

this way to the ferry..

and this is the dolphin-like ferry.. also looks like UFO.. :p

the ferry took about 5 minutes to the island..

this is the entrance gate at the Nami Island.. two snowmen are there to welcome the visitors..

besides the entrance gate, there is a fountain..

and also a lady statue at the shore.. her name is Namimaid..

after passing through the entrance gate, there is a X’mas tree made of bottles..

and another X’mas tree made of glass (i guess so)..

the pond with the poles made of stones..

cute statues.. a small note on the wall written “Kim Myung-hee’s happy family“..

beautiful garden with cute statues..

nice landscape..

the lovely couple statue.. 🙂

the lake, the fountain, and the lady statue..

another view.. i’m not sure if this statue is also called as Namimaid..?

not far away from the entrance gate lies the grave of General Nami and this island was named after him.. General Nami was a notable figure in Korean history who courageously fought in battles..

a poem by General Nami was carved on this memorial stone:

“i will cut the boulders of Mt. Baekdu until my sword is worn away,
i will water my horse with the waters of Duman River until it dries up,
if a man cannot subjugate an entire nation by the age of 20,
then no one will deem him a hero..”

there is bicycle rental service here..

Nami Island promotes the concept of eco-friendly.. there is no electric pole or wire on the ground at all so it does not ruin the view of all the flora and fauna..

the pine trees..

now is autumn.. the leaves start to turn into red and yellow..

the trees, the lake, and the shelters..

the maple tree..

the shelters..

green atmosphere..

the large Winter Sonata poster..

the Gingko Tree Lane..

photo gallery of Winter Sonata..

this is the filming site where the “first kiss” in Winter Sonata took place.. 🙂

the First Kiss Bridge across the Yeonryeonji Pond..

the Glass Sequoia (made of bottles) along the bridge..

in the drama, Jun Sang and Yoo Jin each made a snowman and have fun with them.. because of that, the snowman has become an important icon in this island.. there are different types of snowman statues here.. the above picture shows two snowmen in the “Gong Xi Gong Xi” posture .. 🙂

everybody is smiling except the one in the middle.. :p

the snowmen getting dirty liao..

the Winter Sonata Statue (Joon-San and Yoo-Jin)..  ^_^

jiwang betul dua patung ni.. :p

yang ambil gambar pun jiwang juga.. :p

the Baekpungmilwon Garden.. the maple trees were planted here in 2008 by a group of Nami supporters..

inside the Baekpungmilwon Garden..

the colourful trees..

beautiful scene..


“yeah.. my face is on the warning sign board..” :p

although they’re wild, i still think they’re friendly.. ^_^

the squirrel with the fruit..

the Hampyeong Butterfly Garden.. i couldn’t find any real butterfly during my visit.. the two captured in this picture are butterfly sculptures..

two ‘big’ inserts.. or butterfly larvae??

the metal ant.. :p

the YonJi Pond (pond of lotus)..

the lotus..

the flowers..

the colourful flowers..

the Metasequoia Lane (the dawn redwood trees)..

this is also a filming site in the drama..

the garden and the pond..

the tree and the bench..

the Central Korean Pine Tree Lane..

the balloons..

the pine trees..

the eco-friendly environment..

the White Birch Lane..

the garden..

beautiful landscape..

the wooden sculptures..

the carving stones..

the stone duck sculptures..

the Eco Farm

the railway of miniature train.. the miniature train is one of the UNICEF’s fundraising projects.. it runs between the entrance of the island to the central station in the main square where all the shops and restaurants are located.. fifty percent of the income from the train and rental fee for the strollers is donated to UNICEF Korea to help children in need..

the garden..

the farm..

the Song Museum..

the Under Stage Amphitheater (musical stage)..

love this barbecue chicken very much.. ^_^

different types of restaurants are found in Nami Island, which provide Korean, Chinese, Western and organic foods, as well as desserts..

the resting pavilions..

these giant statues remind us how important breastfeeding is.. right side for a boy in the front..

and left side for another boy at the back.. :p

the statue of Mr. Byeong-Do Minn inside the Founder’s Memorial Garden (also known as Sujaewon Garden)..

i would say this is an amazing, interesting, and relaxing island that you should visit if you are in Korea.. probably the best time to visit Nami Island is in between the end of autumn where all the leaves turn red and yellow, and the beginning of winter where you can make your own snowman here.. ^_^

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