Annyeong Haseyo (Part 4) – The Story From Damyang

30 Nov

Damyang county is situated in Jeollanam-do, South Korea.. this place is well known with the beautiful bamboo forest.. one of the attraction sites  here is the Soswaewon Garden..

this Soswaewon Garden was built by Yang San-Bo (1503-1557) during the Joseon Dynasty period (the last dynasty of Korea).. it was his private garden and now the garden is managed by his descendants..

(Soswae = clean and purified)

the main reason why Yang San-Bo built this garden was to give up his career and secluded himself from social position after his teacher (Jo Gwang-Jo) was killed during a political conflict.. the Soswaegon Garden was used as a meeting place by Yang San-Bo and his friends (the Confucian scholars) to communicate and discuss about their literature works..

bamboo along the walking path..

all green..

the pine trees in the garden..

the architecture and the landscape in this garden are related to the elements of Confucianism, which is about the harmony between human life and the nature..

that building is called Gwangpunggag, means “windy sunshine after the rain”.. it was used as a living hall for the guests (scholars).. there is a square pond in front of the building.. the pond was designed in a square shape because the peoples at that time thought that the earth was flat and square..

very calming and relaxing when one listens to the sound of flowing stream.. ^_^

and this building is called Jaewoldang.. means “the moon after the rain”.. this was the place used by Yang San-Bo to do his study and literature works.. and the platform outside this building was the place where the scholars gathered and enjoyed the night view..

inside the Jaewoldang and the board with poems..

the stony wall surrounding the garden..

the gate..

really love the green environment.. a nice place for study and revision.. :p

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