Ya.. This Is London (Part 3)

20 Jul

before we move on to the course venue in Coventry, we have a half day trip to Bull Ring Markets, in  Birmingham..

the statue of Lord Nelson in memorial of his great contribution in the Battle of Trafalgar..

the St Martin’s Church.. it is located between the Bull Ring Shopping Centre and the Bull Ring Markets, right in the centre of Birmingham..

the Birmingham Bull Ring Open Market, located at Edgbaston Street.. it is just next to the Bull Ring Rag Market..

colourful fruits and vegetables..

fresh tomatoes..

huge chili.. 🙂


red and shining..

taste good.. ^_^

breads, buns, and loaves..

nice.. sliced bread, grilled meat, fried egg and jam.. 🙂

this is the Bull Ring Rag Market (St Martin’s Market).. there are about 350 stalls inside the market which sell fabrics, clothes and collectables..

next to the rag market is the Bull Ring Indoor Market.. it is one of the largest fish markets in UK.. and there is no unpleasant fishy smell..  🙂


the market is very clean and tidy..

fresh meat and poultry..

variety of choices..

cow feet..

the post office in the city.. and the pillar post box.. 🙂

to be continued..


2 Responses to “Ya.. This Is London (Part 3)”

  1. suituapui January 8, 2017 at 11:38 am #

    We did stop by Birmingham on a road trip, did not really go around…and we stopped by Coventry too. Nice place.

    • Simon January 13, 2017 at 3:13 pm #

      ya.. really a nice place 🙂

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