Ya.. This Is London (Part 6)

26 Jul

after completion of the course, i traveled back to London on the same evening.. and i have the chance to visit few interesting places on the following one and a half days.. πŸ™‚

saw this signboard inside the washroom at the train station.. πŸ™‚

the 10 Trinity Square, City of London..

St. Katharine Docks..

the Towel Bridge..

the Big Ben..

the London Eye..

London Eye closer look..

view from the London Eye..

historical building in London..

historical building in London..

the Stonehenge.. the prehistoric monuments built by peoples from Neolithic and Bronze Ages..

the yellow canola field at the entrance to Stonehenge..

visit to Windsor Castle, Berkshire.. the Royal Residence of Queen Elizabeth II..

the garden inside the castle..

lawn at the Quadrangle, Windsor Castle..

changing of the Windsor Castle Royal Guard..

the St George Chapel, Windsor Castle..

had my lunch here.. the oldest pub in Lacock.. Lacock is the place where Harry Potter was filmed..

the building was built in 1361..

outside view of the pub..

inside view of the pub..

had my fish and chips here..

the Bath Abbey, Bath City Centre..

side view of Bath Abbey..

the Buckingham Palace, City of Westminster..

changing of he Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace..

the SeaLife Aquarium..

the sea anemones..

snakelock anemone..

the Japanese sea nettle..

moon jellyfish..



Nemo.. haha..

yellow fish (Addis butterflyfish)..

yellow frog..

surf anemone..

the penguin..

i really enjoy this wonderful and memorable trip to UK..Β  πŸ™‚

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