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The Museum of Meeooww

24 Jul

the Cat Museum is located inside the building of Kuching North City Hall at Jalan Semariang, Petra Jaya..

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, and Kuching is known as the City of Cat..

(cat = kucing in Malay language)..

this is an unique museum with the theme of cat.. ūüôā

the museum is housed at the ground floor of the city hall building, and covers an area of 1035 square metres..

found these 2 cats outside the building.. kucing betul ni.. :p

this Cat Museum is founded in 1993, and managed by the Kuching North City Hall..

the admission to the museum is free.. if you wish to take pictures, then RM 3 is charged for phone camera, RM 4 for digital camera and RM 5 for video camera..

this is the entrance to the museum.. the museum has over 4000 items of exhibits, including statues, sculptures, figurines, handicrafts, paintings, photos, and souvenirs related to cat..

a large cat statue at the lobby of the city hall, just before the entrance to the museum..

cats have nine lives? there are few explanations for this.. in the Egyptian mythology, there was a group of nine deities, called the Divine Ennead or the Nine.. the Divine Ennead would transform into the shape of cat before entering the underworld.. thus cats were regarded as the sacred animal in Egypt in the past..

one of the large cat statutes inside the museum..

this is ALCA.. the mascot of Kuching Festival.. the name of ALCA is derived from the first two letters of two flowers, the Allamanda and Canna Lily, which is the official flower of Kuching North City Hall and Kuching South City Council respectively..

cat sculptures..

cat figurines..

cat figurine..

cat figurine..

the cat couple sculptures..

the picture shows what a real “catwalk” is.. :p

the “boring” look..

the “curious” look..

the “sleeping” look..

the “standby for food” look..

the “mouse catching” look..

the coconut handicraft..

the “Black Cat” cigarettes.. i have never come across this brand yet.. :p

the “tattoo” cat..?

the “eye-blinking” look..

the pinky cats..

the Maneki-Neko, also known as the fortune cat..

the Qi Lin..

in Chinese culture, Qi Lin is a symbol of luck, good omens, protection, prosperity, success, and longevity..

the “happy” look..

the Maneki-Neko.. famous Japanese cat figurine which is believed to bring luck to the owner..

come, come, money come..

the “string playing” cat..

the “oooppss” look..

the shell crafts..

the cat with “lamp”..


in Sarawak traditional costumes..

the “hero” look..

smile.. and raise your hand and leg please..

cat figurines..

the happy family..

the “big lips” Garfield..

a large cat statue..

the furry cat (it’s a toy)..

cat figurine..

i need to tilt my head 90 degree to fix into the picture..

cat sculptures..

Kitty and her pet..

Garfield and his friends..


we are from the cat family..

blue vs green..

in Japanese costumes..

the mugs..

the Chinese paintings..

the slippers..

the ceramic plates..

the ceramic plates and cat figurines..

the ceramic plates..

the Japanese arts..

the key chains..

the doc and his patient..

the “fishing” cat.. ¬†:p

a specimen of Bornean bay cat (kucing merah, Pardofelis badia)..

a specimen of flat-headed cat (kucing hutan, Prionailurus planiceps)..

there is a model of a native house outside the city hall building..

the view inside the model house..

a small garden outside the city hall building..

the view outside the city hall building..

the Kuching North City Hall is about 15 minutes drive from the centre of Kuching..

the building is situated on top of a hill (Bukit Siol), about 60 metres above the sea level..

the view outside the city hall building..

please don’t miss the Cat Museum¬†when you are here in Kuching, especially for cat lovers.. ūüôā

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