The Orangutan

1 Aug

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is located about 24 km from Kuching.. it is famous for its Orangutans rehabilitation programme – to train the rescued or orphaned Orangutans to survive in the surrounding reserved forest.. the centre was established in 1975, and the Orangutans here are semi-wild, and are free to move around inside the centre..

the visitors can see these Orangutans during the centre’s feeding time (at 9.00 am and 3.00 pm).. during the feeding time, the Orangutans will come to the feeding platform from the forest.. according to the ranger, the best time to view Orangutans will be in the beginning of the year (January till March) when there are not much fruits (non-fruits season) can be found in the forest, thus more Orangutans will come for the meal provided at the centre..

i have the chance to visit the centre today with my friends.. we reached there just before the morning feeding time.. after a briefing session, the ranger brought us to the feeding area..

this is the feeding area.. one of the ranger was standing on the feeding platform and making some sounds (signals) to the Orangutangs.. probably saying “got free food la.. come down la..”  ;p

can you spot the ranger in the picture above?

the viewing of Orangutans is not guaranteed because they may not turn up at the feeding platform if they have already found their own foods in the forest..

as for today, after waited for 1 hour at the feeding area, there was still no Orangutan showed up..

we have waited patiently.. keep looking around for any movement..

also keep looking upwards.. just in case the Orangutan will jump down from the top of the tree..  ;p

after 1 hour, everybody started to leave with disappointment..

suddenly, somebody heard something.. and everybody started to look up again..

it’s a bee nest.. it’s a coconut.. it’s Utan-man…..

and her baby as well..

introducing Minah and Jubilee.. 🙂

ya, the heroes only appear at the end of drama.. :p

jom.. pegang kuat-kuat.. ada makanan ni.. turun, turun, turun..

the acrobatic split (一字马)..

the tango move..

do you know what is multi-tasking..?

this is multi-tasking.. the only limb without fruit is the left leg..

spot something..?

no football.. just coconut..

like mother like son.. but son has no coconut.. hehe..

there is an information counter showing all the Orangutans live in this centre..

according to the ranger, there are 27 of them..

and the rangers here are able to recognise all of them..

this must be the famous one.. entire poster shows only him.. :p

the family tree and the date of birth of each Orangutan are shown as well..

my name is Jubilee..

to all wildlife lovers, this is a very interesting place to visit.. it provides the visitors with valuable experience to see and to understand the living habits of these protected Orangutans.. 🙂

Ya.. This Is London (Part 6)

26 Jul

after completion of the course, i traveled back to London on the same evening.. and i have the chance to visit few interesting places on the following one and a half days.. 🙂

saw this signboard inside the washroom at the train station.. 🙂

the 10 Trinity Square, City of London..

St. Katharine Docks..

the Towel Bridge..

the Big Ben..

the London Eye..

London Eye closer look..

view from the London Eye..

historical building in London..

historical building in London..

the Stonehenge.. the prehistoric monuments built by peoples from Neolithic and Bronze Ages..

the yellow canola field at the entrance to Stonehenge..

visit to Windsor Castle, Berkshire.. the Royal Residence of Queen Elizabeth II..

the garden inside the castle..

lawn at the Quadrangle, Windsor Castle..

changing of the Windsor Castle Royal Guard..

the St George Chapel, Windsor Castle..

had my lunch here.. the oldest pub in Lacock.. Lacock is the place where Harry Potter was filmed..

the building was built in 1361..

outside view of the pub..

inside view of the pub..

had my fish and chips here..

the Bath Abbey, Bath City Centre..

side view of Bath Abbey..

the Buckingham Palace, City of Westminster..

changing of he Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace..

the SeaLife Aquarium..

the sea anemones..

snakelock anemone..

the Japanese sea nettle..

moon jellyfish..



Nemo.. haha..

yellow fish (Addis butterflyfish)..

yellow frog..

surf anemone..

the penguin..

i really enjoy this wonderful and memorable trip to UK..  🙂

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