8 Nov

found something unique in Kelate..

ceng, ceng, ceng.. the Arabic Restaurant.. :p

Marhaba (hello)..!! Keef Halek (how r u)??

this restaurant is located not far away from my kampung house.. serves only Arabic food.. and it has attracted me to go there for dinner in 2 consecutive days.. :p

this is the Nasi Mandi Kambing (Lamb Mandi Rice).. so tasty so juicy.. “mandi” in Malaysian language means “bathing”.. but the term “mandi” here is referred to a cooking style in Arab, and not to mean that the Kambing (goat) was get caught in the river while taking bath k.. hehe.. :p

this is the Lamb Kabsa.. lamb soup with spices.. kowaies (good).. 🙂

this is the Shish Tawook.. something like the KFC twister.. :p

emm.. this is the set of Arabic Coffee.. which does not taste like the usual coffee.. :p  the coffee cup is just about 2 inches height..

just for comparison.. on the left side is the mini coffee cup with Arabic coffee, and on the right side is the usual coffee cup with Malaysian coffee.. :p

the Arabic Coffee.. colour appears like tea.. taste like Ilex Paraguariensis (a type of drink in Brazil)..

for those who likes to have a try on Arabic food, then this is the address.. 🙂

Shukran (thank you).. 🙂

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